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Friday, October 22, 2010

It’s the end of another week, and time for a Google Apps project update. We’re going to start with a few reminders and then move on to some task completions:
  • Quick URLs for Google Apps
  • Google Groups Reminder
  • Google Calendar Resources Update
  • New project: Legacy Address Support enhancement

Reminder: Quick URLs for SJSU Google Apps
Your SJSU’s Google Apps services are available at the following short and simple web addresses:

Reminder: Google Groups is your replacement for aliases, distribution lists and department mailboxes. If you’re using email aliases, distribution lists and department mailboxes on your current mail server, it’s time to think about creating new Google Groups to replace these addresses. For more information, see Google Groups Naming Standards and Using Google Groups for Department/Shared/Functional Mailboxes.

Task Completion: The Google sections on the UTS website have been updated with new and useful content. Please take a look.

Calendar Update: After a great deal of investigation and discussion, UTS has developed new criteria for inclusion of rooms in Google Calendar. Conference rooms are all still included, but if your department has other rooms that are not part of SJSU’s General Classroom Inventory that you wish to schedule through Google, you can request to have those added too.

New task: UTS is building a replacement system to route mail sent to your SJSU legacy address to your official campus email address. When this system is complete and tested, it will allow us to stop using Lotus Domino to manage legacy addresses. This will provide better service, and allow us to fully decommission the Domino servers sooner, reducing SJSU’s licensing costs even further.

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